Signs of Fall

It's hard to tell that it's Fall in Northern California, as it's been between 90-105 every day the last few weeks, but if you look closely, there are signs that the seasons have begun to change.

Leaves covering the trail
Acorns forming and falling by the bucketful
Seedpods forming on the bare limbs of Buckeye trees
We're tired of hot weather. We're tired of dry conditions and huge conflagrations burning down acres and acres of land, and houses. We desperately need cool weather and rain. Everything looks wilted and dirty and dangerously dry.

The garden is changing, too - still harvesting tomatoes, peppers, cantaloupe, pumpkins, butternut and delicata squash, green beans. Sweet potatoes are coming soon. But it all looks a bit played out. I'll post pictures this weekend sometime.

Meanwhile, we have another month of hot weather ahead of us, and often October is our hottest month of the year. You'll forgive me for feeling a bit defeated.