Butterfly mix-up

I guess it's not a big deal in the scheme of things, but you know how much I like to identify what I'm seeing in the garden. And my good friend Barbara pointed out that I might be seeing Gulf Fritillary butterflies rather than Monarchs on my Tithonia. On further reflection and research, I think I've seen both - but many of the pictures I've put up are mislabeled. You can see why I was confused:

Gulf Fritillary

"What kind of butterfly is that?"
"Oh, an orange one."

Anyway, please forgive me, and I'll go back and change up my old posts. Meanwhile I found this cool  blog post about butterflies on Tithonia at the UC Master Gardeners website. I'm not the only one noticing lots of activity (rightly-or-wrongly-named) in these flowers. Put these on your to-buy list for next summer!

We've had some cooler weather and yesterday we even had a light mist - unheard of in September! - and we saw this, which I took as a sign that El Nino is on its way here. We'll see if that's true.