Your main contact here at Poppy Corners is me, Elizabeth. I'm a wife and mom of two teenagers. About three years ago I quit my job working with autistic children to go back to college. I started in horticulture, but am now working towards a degree in Environmental Studies. I've been a nature-lover and gardener all my life, but several years ago, I decided to sheet-mulch the entire lawn and replace it with a large kitchen garden, plus plants for local wildlife. We love to cook and we love to eat, and we especially love to cook, eat, and preserve what we grow here on our land. Over the years I've learned how to garden for native habitat and our local insect populations. I've learned how to keep bees and chickens. I've learned how to improve our soil. I've learned how to work with the local weather limitations in our zone 9b, inland California garden. I continue to learn new things every day; I fail frequently and sometimes I succeed. I'm joined in this adventure by my husband Tom (beer-brewer, hops-grower, pie-maker, jam-and-pickle-preserver, and full-time college administrator), our son Adam (student, foodie and chef, musician and engineer, cancer-survivor), and our daughter Kate (student, artist and performer, chocolate expert, negotiating Asperger's).  Hard-core gardening/farming in the suburbs requires overcoming unique challenges and expectations, but we enjoy that every single day.