Preserving Green Chilies

This morning I went out to the garden and there were several ripe green chilies ready for picking. We don't have any tomatoes yet, so I can't make salsa; I'll start researching other recipes for using green chilies. Meanwhile I started looking for ways to preserve them in the freezer, in case someone wants a scoop on a cheeseburger or taco.

I turned, as I often do, to The Kitchn for guidance, followed their instructions, and now have a jar of jalepeno peppers and a jar of ancho poblano peppers in the freezer, ready for use.

A big ancho poblano and several jalepenos ready for roasting

put your broiler on high, broil one side for 3-5 minutes

Then broil the other side 3-5 minutes

cover with plastic wrap and let steam/cool for 20 minutes

Peel, remove seeds and ribs, and chop - then into jars or bags for freezing!
I love that I now know this technique; any time I want a pepper for a recipe, I can scoop out a tablespoon. I've researched how to can sweet peppers, but this is a great way to preserve hot or mild green chilies for later use.

I am a little surprised that we have chilies already, but June has been hot!

By the way, as I was researching this topic, I came across a lot of articles about using epsom salts when growing peppers (and tomatoes, incidentally). I had never heard of it, but I read enough raves that I immediately went and bought some and added a tablespoon to the dirt around each pepper and tomato. I also plan to dissolve some in water and use as a foliar spray, especially on the droopy paste tomatoes.

Had a nice walk with Joe in Joaquin Miller Park as Adam had his drum lessons nearby. Came across some interesting things to share.

clubhair mariposa lily, very rare here

a random teepee - about 25 feet high

I've never seen this before

the actual monument

I passed this man twice. He was deep in prayer and never opened his eyes.
I found this profoundly moving. 

a cathedral of bay laurel trees
Happy Saturday!