Bees and Eggs

Just thought you'd like to know, I sat down in front of the hive for a good quarter of an hour today and watched plenty of comings and goings. (I thought you might be worried after my post yesterday, when I said I'd seen little activity.) It's a warmish day with light misty rain, and the newly hatched bees came out for a practice flight, and others were foraging (for what, I can't imagine, after the hard freezes last week, but bees are experts, you know). One bee even came in with pollen!

The bee at the top center has some yellow pollen on her legs
Our chickens are laying so well (still no molt!) that I had to find recipes to use up eggs. So I just put a pound cake in the oven (a Jacques Pepin recipe) and will make a breakfast casserole for dinner tonight, with sausage and greens. The egg yolks are just the most beautiful color.

Does anyone else notice their home-laid chicken eggs have very little white, and much more yolk? Or is it just that the whites are so firm that they don't spread out as much?

Christmas lights are going up, beer is being bottled, our honey wine is bubbling away, and I just put a finished homemade bone broth in to jars for the freezer. Next up, putting the orange decorations away and getting out all the red and green stuff. We're days behind in our advent calendar duties.

Is Sunday a day of 'getting things done' for you, too?