Hard Freeze

This morning when I took the dog for a walk, the world was frozen and still. Our water feature was stopped and frozen. The drip system couldn't go on because the hoses were frozen. The poop in the hen house, fresh overnight, solid as a rock by morning.

As I walked through the neighborhood, I kept hearing a sound like rain. And then I realized it was leaves. All the leaves that had hung on through a few frosts were at last giving up. The mulberry and ash trees on our block were especially copious and loud. It was rather delightful, I don't think I've ever heard leaves falling like that before.

And of course I thought of this. Monty Python has a moment for just about every occasion.

Fun to look at all the leaves today, both in the neighborhood (piles and piles and piles), in our yard, and out in the open space.

wild grape

maple! not common here

yellow (or tulip) poplar

Now it's time to cut down all the dead flowers in the yard. Glad the bees have plenty of honey stored.