Hot Sauce!

Another guest post from Tom...

Elizabeth has mentioned that we have an abundance of hot peppers. She's made salsa, but that's only used a little bit. The preserving book she got had a recipe for making hot sauce, so this week as I take a break from work, I decided to work on that.

I started by picking about half a pound of serrano, jalapeño, and padrón peppers:

The recipe called for using the peppers raw, charred, or smoked. I chose charred, and broke out the cast iron grill to do the charring.

Here's what they looked like after the char:

Next, the peppers were stemmed and chopped and put in a jar of vinegar, salt, and garlic to sit overnight:

The next day, I cooked up the peppers for a few minutes with some of our honey, a touch of dried mango and pineapple, and a few spices, then blitzed the peppers in the blender until smooth and cooked the sauce again for a few minutes.

The cucumbers on the left will soon get pickled...
I wound up with three little jars of hot sauce:

All in all, a pretty straightforward project. The hot sauce is certainly hot (unlike Elizabeth, I used the seeds and ribs), but the sweetness adds a nice balance. The book kept talking about avoiding the fumes while the peppers cooked, but I didn't find it to be too hazardous.

Tonight, we feast on pasta pomodoro, with tomatoes, basil, and garlic from the garden.

I'll close with the video of a song that's going through our heads nowadays. It's a song by Greg Brown called Canned Goods, and there's some fun lyrics to it.