Grass-fed/Pastured meat delivery

I just received my first shipment of meat from Tara Firma Farms! I'm going to be getting shipments three weeks out of four each month, and I'm so happy to be supporting a local farm that raises pastured beef, pork, and chicken - healthier for us and for the environment, and happy animals! Win-win all around.

The shipment arrived via On-Trac this morning at 10. It was packed in a plain cardboard box, but within was a black cooler bag and ice packs surrounded the meat. In this shipment, we received:

-beef stew meat
-ground beef
-beef short ribs
-pork shoulder roast
-pork picnic roast
-hot italian sausage, pork

and two things I added on, bacon and breakfast sausage

I can't tell you how happy it makes me to know that I've seen the pigs that provided this meat with my own eyes when we visited the farm - pastured and happy, eating day-old veg from the farm next door, rooting around in the dirt. I'm happy to know that these steer wander the Petaluma hills at will, eating whatever local grass is available. I've already got meals planned - cuban pork sandwiches! pulled pork! short ribs with creamy parmesan polenta! Italian wedding soup! sausage ragu! and it'll be fun to cook with cuts of meat that are new to me (though I got lucky with this shipment, as I've cooked each of these cuts before).

Now, back to garden clean up for the tour tomorrow. With visions of meatballs dancing in my head...