Edible Education

Adam is starting a new, extra-curricular project for school: He wants to change the district lunch program. Just a tiny goal. So I was helping him with some research and we thought of the Edible Schoolyard, the program that Alice Waters (of Chez Panisse fame) set up in Berkeley. While perusing the site, we saw that there is a Monday evening class that runs for several months, which you can watch online. The first class is with Michael Pollan, and there will be several other famous-in-the-food-world speakers, such as Eric Schlosser, Marion Nestle, Mark Bittman, and yes, even Alice. The great part is, you don't have to watch it just at 6:30 when it streams live from the class. You can watch it afterward! I myself am about halfway through the first class, and hope to watch them all in fits and starts through the year. You can find the class here. If you scroll down, you can also find past classes and lectures, plus a reading list.

Another great resource I've found lately is the PBS show Growing a Greener World. Each episode is about gardens, growing food, and sustainability. You can watch GGW here.

I've got a kid with stomach flu home today, so along with fumigating and cleaning everything to a fare-thee-well, I'll take some time to watch some of these. I also plan to get out in the garden and harvest some greens, which we'll have in homemade broth tonight. That should go a long way toward keeping everyone healthy!