Canoeing, Hiking, Eating

We've had a wonderful past few days. Some young friends of ours came to stay with us; they are game for anything, so we did everything! Our first day, we traveled up to Healdsburg and went canoeing on the Russian River. It was a gorgeous day, foggy at first, with the sun breaking through about noon. We took five hours to paddle about nine miles. We stopped several times to swim and float on the rapids. The river had a good deal more water than I expected, which was encouraging, and we didn't 'ground' ourselves at all, but by the end of the route, we were extremely tired and sore. It was a great, hard, exhilarating day.

Today we went hiking, geocaching, swimming, and watched a movie, in between trampolining in the back yard and 'Just Dance' on the Wii. There was beautiful hiking in Shell Ridge, with plenty of rock climbing.

Tonight, I'm exhausted, so dinner is simple. Grilled steak, with the first corn from the garden, as well as some sweet peppers, which will be sautéed in olive oil.

Friends are fabulous, adventures are great, and dinner from the garden is glorious.