Coyote by the Coop!

My hands are shaking as I type this. Just a few minutes ago I was catching up on my email, Tom sitting reading the paper and having his breakfast, the kids off in other rooms - when suddenly the chickens start making the most incredible noise, just going crazy. Tom looks out the back door and says "Holy Cow, there's a coyote!" and I get to the door just in time to see a full-grown coyote in our back yard at the chicken coop. Tom yells "get out of here!" and the coyote leaps over our fence, just a beautiful sleek grey and tan body sliding though the wires, and runs off down the street.


Just a reminder: We don't live in the country. We are solidly suburban. Open Space is not far away. But wow, they must be so hungry to come down here to the land of cars and people.

The chickens are still freaking out, 15 minutes later, on the furthest and highest roost in the coop. Guess we won't get any eggs today!