More Planting

I decided the bush beans had to go. They had produced about 6 beans, which were delicious, but that ain't very many, and the plants themselves just weren't growing any bigger. As our pole beans are going great guns, it was no great sacrifice to snip those bush beans off and put 'em in the compost. In their place, I planted Butternut and Acorn squash. We have a long growing season here in Northern CA, so I expect hot weather through the beginning of October, and warm weather until Thanksgiving. Therefore we have plenty of time for a winter squash crop.

Here's an overview of how the veg garden is looking.

You can see the tomatoes at the back are quite large, and producing well. Those little plants at the forefront are watermelons. They keep growing, incrementally, so I keep hoping.

I also planted some more flowers - bee plants, mostly. I went to the local nursery and stood in the drought-tolerant section for a half an hour and watched where the bees went. Then I bought those flowers. I came home with Rudbeckia, Gaillardia, Aster, and Germander varieties. The Salvia, Sunflowers, and Penstemons are already blooming well.

I'm hoping that some of those flowers will help my bees make it through Fall.

Many mornings, I take the kids to the pool with friends, and while they are swimming, I peel and slice peaches. I peel peaches every minute I have, and put them in the freezer. I don't mind, because I'm currently completely addicted to my peach smoothie every lunch. When we were away over the weekend, what did I dream about coming home to? My children? No. A frozen peach smoothie.