My efforts have been focused on cleaning out the garage, the past few days - our son is a drummer and needs a drum set here at home, so we had to find a place for it. The Poppy Corners Garage Band has formed; come on by and jam sometime! (While 'Poppy Corners' sounds ok for a cottage, or a farm, it just doesn't sound quite right for a band, does it?)

Meanwhile I went out to lay eyes on the garden last night and see if anything was amiss. (I had noticed deer activity over by my herb spiral, so wanted to make sure they hadn't marauded on the other side of the yard.) And, lo! My eye was caught by a flash of red! Yes, tomatoes, halfway through June. I was pretty excited, let me tell you. There were six that were ripe, but only two made it to the photo op. And they didn't live long after that, either.

So summer has officially arrived in my yard. Now, the basil needs to hurry up, and then we can have caprese salad.