Father's Day

I started out the day noticing that pink has taken over the flower garden.

That last is a rain lily, a bulb from my great-grandmother, passed down through generations.

My parents came over, and my dad and I took a look at the bees. He noticed marauding yellow jackets, looking for dying bees to take home to their young. We watched this drama unfold.

I guess the yellow jackets can have the dying bees, though I still dislike them and wish they'd just stay out of my garden.

The whole family traveled up to the Capay Valley. We were on a hunt for almonds, but it seems like the main almond festival time is February. There wasn't much going on in the sleepy farm towns of Esparto, Brooke, Guinda, and Rumsey. We did manage to buy some apricots and cherry jam from a farm, then got some BBQ in Guinda and took it down by Cache Creek for a picnic. We traveled up Hwy 16 to Full Belly Farm, a farm that we often see highlighted on local restaurant menus. No one was around, but we got permission to walk around the farm, and it was quite lovely.

We pulled off the road to look at sunflower fields and the beehives beside them. The fields were alive with buzzing and incredible to look at.

We ended the trip at a local market specializing in local products and grass-fed local meat. Mom got some olive oil, I got a tri-tip to grill for dinner.

Tonight I think I'll send the kids and the husband out for ice cream, while I indulge in my favorite sweet treat, frozen banana mousse.

Cut up very, very ripe bananas - ones that have lots of brown spots. Put them in a bag in the freezer.

When you're ready for dessert, put the bananas in your food processor.

Add some unsweetened cocoa powder, and some cream (I use heavy cream, but you could use half and half or milk), and blend until smooth. Keep adding liquid until it's the right consistency.

Then enjoy the deliciousness. It's light, it's fluffy, and it has no added sugar.

That picture doesn't do it justice, but it was dark when I took it. Honestly, you must try this! It's so good.

The perfect end to this day will be watching the Game of Thrones season finale with Tom.