July Planting List

Here's your printable July planting list. I'm going to start cabbages now, as well as Brussels sprouts, since I forgot to do that last month. I have volunteer potatoes coming up, but have more sprouting and ready to go out with the Romaine, which isn't doing so well (so much for this heat-tolerant variety!). 

Also, I wanted to tip you off to some interesting ecological/nature things. One is a blog I read, A Way to Garden, which always has interesting nature information, and even though the writer lives in upstate NY, it often applies here too. This recent podcast transcript is fascinating, and I'm definitely going to put this book on my reading list.

Then, there is this video trailer for a National Geographic film in the works. I think no summation is necessary. It's basically about the most bad-ass honey collector I've ever seen.