Just a quick post...

To show you this:

I went out last night to do another layer of Florida weave on the tomatoes, because they are growing so fast. And that's when I saw these two tomatoes, the one in front about three inches long already. Wow. Totally unexpected. Way early. Usually the cherry tomatoes fruit first.

This is a variety of paste (or plum) tomato called "Pompeii." There's not a whole lot written about it. According to Renee's Seeds, this tomato has a beautiful flavor, and is meaty rather than juicy, perfect for making sauce or tomato paste. This is one I did not start from seed; I got this as a seedling from the Master Gardeners Great Tomato Sale. I don't know how it'll do in the future, but right now, it's winning the 'prolific' race, for sure!