Weekly Walkthrough: A New Video Series

I feel like I need to mix things up a little. I've been blogging for a while, and though I adore writing, I know it's an archaic form of social communication. I want to keep things fresh. In that vein I've decided to do a video series called "Weekly Walkthrough" - where I'll just walk through the garden with a video camera and record what's happening. Some weeks a lot might change, some weeks nothing might change. I might focus on a particular bird or lizard; I might do a planting tutorial. Mostly, though, we'll just walk through the garden together.

In my own searches through YouTube, I've found very little with regards to my USDA zone, which is 9b. There is a prominent Southern CA gardener, but nothing in my area. So it seems to me there is a niche to be filled. 

Here's the caveat: I've never done this before. Just like with this blog, it'll take me a while to find my voice. Not to mention how to actually, like, film, or how to edit. I've already got pages of notes after this first video reminding me what NOT to do next time (#1 on the list: no fast movements; the goal is not to make your audience vomit). So hang in there, I'll get better with practice. (Honestly, I think that's my motto.)

This first video is more of an introduction to the garden. I forgot to show you tons of things, like all the fruit trees, or the blackberry vines, or the little free library. There'll be time for that. Anyway, enough excuses - here's the Walkthrough for October 29, 2016.