Welcome to the Suburban Garden Revolution! We're glad you're here. Poppy Corners is a tiny 1949 cottage on 6.600 square feet of land (.15 acre), in the suburbs 20 miles east of San Francisco.  We grow every fruit and vegetable we can (except zucchini; that's a story for another time!), keep bees and chickens, and try to make a cozy, productive home for the people, livestock, and native animals that live here. 

Suburban gardens don't have to be boring or dull; with a little planning and elbow grease, they can provide your family with produce, support wildlife habitat, encourage whole ecosystems, regenerate the soil, conserve water, and on top of all that, be super-beautiful and the envy of your neighbors! 

Join us as we try to create a little haven in the suburbs, and perhaps be inspired to make your own refuge. Every day is a new adventure, with new things to learn and implement. We love to experiment and embrace tried-and-true, old-fashioned ways of doing things, while also absorbing the newest science on climate change and learning how we can make a difference, on our little plot of land. 

So pull up an Adirondack chair, grab a glass of iced tea, and come along with us as we learn and grow. Welcome!